Why you should work with local video crew in Las Vegas.

Here at HUSTL Media we are huge proponents of working with local Las Vegas crews from film / video to photo and drone. There are multiple reasons for that but obviously one of the main factors is the cost savings to the client.

Being able to provide local crew for the productions for our clients means the crew is more than likely going to know one another and be able to communicate more effectively on set, which will translate into better energy on set and ultimately into a better video product for a client.

When the client has to travel crew from gaffers, to camera operators, to grip , to Hair and Makeup artists to Las Vegas, they ultimately have to pay them per diem and usually put them up at a hotel. Clients don’t normally have the budgets for that and it’s a Hail Mary last minute resort of having to bring a position in from a different market.

Local Las Vegas crew will know the lay of the land, how things are functioning, usually will be able to be somewhat flexible with hours and will be able to stay in longer.

Every now and then the client will want to add a day to the production. Now imagine a camera operator flew in from Atlanta or Los Angeles. With the day added , and the tickets booked in advance it may no be feasible for the camera operator in Las Vegas to make a last minute switch to the flight itinerary and also in a pinch to be able to replace oneself with someone local.

Here at HUSTL Media we know the scene and the production people and have no problem finding last minute crew. We actually handle a lot of last minute productions.

Another interesting point is being able to source pretty much anything, especially last minute.

Local Las Vegas crews will provide a network that a client is able to tap into to be able to source from locations, to camera and lighting gear, to wardrobe and so on.

We love working with our local film professionals, building a solid network that allows us to handle video productions of multiple budgets and scales.

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