Which Grip and Electric equipment we carry in Las Vegas Nevada [ G&E + Van]

So you need a Grip and Electric Equipment in Las Vegas Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, what are your options??

Currently there is JR Lighting, Extreme Lighting and Grip, then there is Hunter Langley who owns a lot of stuff and Marty who has a 3 and a 5 ton truck and that is it.

Obviously big guys are right and a lot of the times are pretty difficult to do business with. They will charge for every single item and they don’t really have to negotiate.

They open at a certain time and close at a certain time and if you miss the deadline you end up paying for the next day. Working with big guys that’s what you get.

Unfortunately, the clients a lot of the times need a better alternative with more flexibilities and that’s why they hit us up when they come into Las Vegas and they need to rent out a small to a mid sized Grip and Electric package.

Let’s talk about the Electric / Lighting department first.

We can split everything up into

Daylight, Bi-Color, and RGB Categories.

When it comes to Daylight Lighting in our kit we currently carry;

Aputure 600D Pro

Aputure 300D II

Aputure 120D II

In the Bi-Color category we carry:

Aputure 600X

Aputure 300X

Aputure F22X 2’x2′ Light mat

In the RGB Category we carry:

Aputure B7C 8 lightbulb kit

Aputure 150C

2x Aputure PT4C 4ft Light Tubes

4x Nanette 4Ft Light Tubes

Being a Las Vegas local production company that carries its own lights is absolutely crucial in saving out clients money and cutting down on production budgets.

The biggest lights in our kit are the Aputure 600D Pro and the Aputure 600X. Both serve as the flagship key lights in Las Vegas and are perfect for corporate interviews, restaurant commercials, lighting interiors, working on music sets, feature and short films etc. They have just enough firepower to get most of the jobs done.

However lights themselves are not enough without having proper lighting modifiers.

Lighting Modifiers

To the uninitiated, the light needs to be shaped and modified to fit our video purpose. From shooting exteriors to shooting inside, a versatile production company in Las Vegas needs to have the right lighting modifiers to convey the message across.

Here’s what we offer

2x 5ft Aputure Softboxes w/ grids

2x Aputure 120 Softboxes

2x Aputure lanterns

Aputure Spotlight

Aputure F10 Fresnel

2x Floppys

3x Matthews 18″ x 24″ Flags

2x 4×4 Bounceboards

5 yards of Unbleached Muslin

5 yards of Duvetyne

6′ x 6′ 1/2 Diffusion

4′ x 4′ Diffusion

Now all that is good but without having the right Grip equipment there will be no way of using the lights.

Grip Department

4x Combo stands on wheels

8x C-Stands w/ arms

2x Mini Boom arms

5x Light Stands

2x Platypus clamps

4x Cardellini Clamps

8x #1 Grip clamps

  • small miscellaneous items

We keep everything nice and tight in a van and for our purposes we decided to go w/ the 2016 Ram Promaster city. Its compact design combined w/ superb fuel efficiency and the ability to easily park in event in smaller spaces made it a perfect Grip and Electric van.

Having a G&E Van in Las Vegas has become absolutely crucial to be able to handle multi-cam productions with full G&E package.

Currently it is available for rent, so depending on your specific needs we can work out a deal that will work for your production.

For anything else or to talk about additional crew+ film gear / equipment hit us up at 702 980 9620 or go to HUSTLMedia.com

We are happy to take in requests and talk about your video production needs in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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