Interview w/ World Welterweight Boxing Champion 1.26.24

Recently we had the pleasure of joining the production of a new Documentary TV show called "The Playlist". This is a pilot season of the TV show and focuses on A-List talent from professional athletes to actors and beyond who share the importance of music in their lives and the choices they make during certain events. This time the talent was a world welterweight boxing champion with a very impressive record. At this point we are unable to disclose the name of the boxer for legal reasons. But the interview took place in Las Vegas, NV on 1.26.24

HUSTL Media job at the production was to provide Grip and Electric package that was sufficient to handle a high end interview with the boxing champion. The package included a number of light options with Aputure 600D Pro as the key light with a 5ft softbox, then Aputure 300D Pro was used to give more of a wrap to our talent complimenting the key light.

Nanlite Pavotube 4ft was used to bring up some of the shadows and was placed right in front of the A-cam somewhat at the knee level. That was used instead of a bounce board in order to control the intensity of the light and give us the ability to either add or subtract the light.

Then on the camera left , or subject right we placed a 4 foot Matthews floppy to negate the light spill and give the image contrast for that nice high end look.

Another Nanette Pavotube was placed above and back the talent to bring up some of the details and separate the subject from the background and make it pop.

Then in the back of the room we had placed Aputure 120 D w a Reflector attachment and panned that toward the background to make it pop some more.

Other tube lights were specifically placed in the background to make certain point of the image pop a little and provide contrast as well.

Overall the client was very happy with the final image and so were we. Again great team effort for everyone on set from director of photography to assistant camera, camera operator, to hair and makeup, our production assistant and the rest of the crew.

Some of the BTS from the setup.

The image showcases a professional video production setup inside a well-lit room. There are two large studio lights, one with a black cover and the other with a white diffuser, both mounted on stands. A black flag panel is positioned to control light spill. The scene includes a vintage-style armchair with a white cushion, a guitar amplifier, and a camera on a tripod with a dolly track in front of it. Tennis balls are attached to the tripod's feet for floor protection. Various cables are strewn across the floor, indicating active use. The background features a shelf with assorted bottles and a large picture with a lunar landscape. The room exudes creative energy, indicative of a space where artistic and visual work is crafted.
The image captures a behind-the-scenes look at a video production setup. In the foreground, a person is seated on a vintage wooden chair, facing away from the camera, apparently operating a camera slider on a tripod. Two large studio lights dominate the scene, one with a textured black cover to the left and another with a white diffuser to the right. Between them is a tall black flag panel for controlling light. Three people can be seen in the background, two having a discussion and the third holding a camera, possibly preparing for a shoot or reviewing footage. A brown leather sofa, camera equipment, and various cables scattered across the floor suggest a busy and dynamic production environment. A potted plant adds a touch of greenery to the room, which is otherwise filled with the technical trappings of a professional film or video shoot.

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