Drone is Perfect for establishing shots, landscapes, car follows...

At HUSTL Media, we specialize in offering high quality drone photography / videography for television productions, live events, commercials, music videos shoots, real estate and more. Ideal for smaller to mid-sized productions, aerial photography adds a 3rd dimension to any story providing angles and perspectives unattainable any other ways.

Flying a Drone

We fly under Federal Aviation Administration Part 107, are up to date with all of our paperwork and carry a $2M Liability insurance.
We operate within Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Pahrump, Boulder City, Mesquite, Primm and beyond areas.
We offer indoor / inside drone flying. Indoor flying does not need FAA permission, only venue approval.
Getting FAA Approval

Depending on the airspace, a specific permit from the FAA may be required. The process of obtaining FAA permit may take up to 90 days. We fly under Part 107 and discourage potential clients from taking unnecessary risks. When in doubt, don't fly.


Additional county or city permits may be required, along w/ insurance considerations. Certain types of properties may require their own written approval and notice. For flying indoors or at a specific venue plz check w/ the venue first to see if drone flying may be permitted.


We will do everything possible to get the shots for the client as long as they stay within FAA rules and regulations. Special attention is paid to Safety. We go through a list of checks to see if the operation is still safe on the day of the proposed operations. All risks and considerations are relayed to the client.

In-House Drone Fleet

DJI Mavic 3

Most used for TV, Commercials, Music Videos...

By far the most requested and widely used drone for aerial cinematography today. Given its compact size and almost 40 minute flight time per battery, this drone is flown in many TV productions, music videos, commercials etc. 

Given it’s size it has become the de-facto drone of chose for flying inside buildings. 

Indoor flying is the latest thing and we have the gear and the experience to get the job done right.  


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