Which 4k Cameras we use and why.

Our clients expect the best bang for their buck without breaking their bank. Budgets are tight and the deadlines are near and somehow someway they still need to make things happen. So let’s take a deep dive into exactly which 4K cameras we use during our professional video production in Las Vegas Nevada and why […]

How to Optimize your Video Production for Better YouTube SEO

In the dynamic realm of digital media, video content has emerged as the pinnacle of engagement, with Las Vegas, Nevada, serving as a vibrant hub for innovative video production. In a city famed for its entertainment and high-octane visuals, capitalizing on the unique energy and capabilities of Las Vegas’s video production scene is crucial for […]

Lighting for restaurant video production in Las Vegas [ Client: Tastemade]

About a month ago, in the beginning of January of 2024, we got hit up with a request to see if we would be able to provide G&E [ that’s Grip and Electric ] equipment or gear for a 2 day food show production in Las Vegas. This was going to be a combination of doing lighting for restaurant interviews in Las Vegas and shooting b-roll. So food related video production.